Through my photography, I document my experiences as a traveling artist who is searching, exploring, and discovering, both in art and in life. These photographs form a personal timeline, as I weave images and words together to create a story of personal growth and wilderness adventure. My photographs capture my journey through the natural world, depicting the trails that beckon me onward with the landscapes and wildlife I encounter along the way. I aim to capture moments that provide entry into an entire story unfolding beyond my camera lens.

Whether my audience is, through my art, seeing a new place in the world or recognizing with nostalgia a place they once knew, I would like each viewer to feel as if they are walking into my image and searching for what lies on the other side. The emotions revealed in the photographs – from fear or loneliness to joy and awe – are intended to resonate with my viewers, creating a visceral connection between them and the natural world I have depicted. I hope they can walk away from my art with a new perspective, instilled with a desire to create journeys of their own.


Kenneth Checote Moriarty