It never gets old.

Yesterday I was out with Cpt. Colin on one of Gastineau Guiding's boats, the Sounder. I was out on a photo safari for work and we were hoping to show some clients some new stuff, something that people rarely see. We came to a group of bubble net feeding humpbacks off the East side of Shelter Island near Juneau,AK. There were about 14 or 15 humpback whales in the group with one baby calf milling around in between all of the whale watching and fishing boats.

We came to a chaotic cluster of boats, waves, wind and rain and got lucky. The humpbacks had been setting their bubble net throughout the area, but whenever they were unsuccessful one adult whale would come up to the surface, and then the other dozen would follow suit.

I noticed one surface near our boat and head in our direction. Soon after the rest of the group came up heading towards us. These guys were moving quick and dove under our boat and surfaced about 30 yards on the other side.

These photos are of the group swimming away from our boat and also what they looked like on our depth finder.  If you'd like to see more photos then check out Checote Photography.

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