Sometimes we get stuck in webs, other times we shine through

I spent my last night in Gustavus camped out in a moose hunting stand in a very large muskeg called the "Crane Flats." It's a place that the sandhill cranes stop at on their migration south from the feeding grounds in the Arctic Circle. I spent the night there, photographing the moon, drinking beers, and thinking about the summer that I spent in Gustavus and on Chichagof Island looking for humpback whales. As the night grew old, and my beers decreased I sat up in that moose stand with a big grin that my family and friends could recognize a mile away because I knew that this last summer was one of a kind.

Despite the challenges of being a photographer and a sea kayak guide, I had made it through another season and was proud of all that I had seen, done, and was about to do. I slept well that night and awoke to the a yellow moon setting at my feet, an orange sun rising at me head, and a siege of cranes flying overhead.

When I awoke, I gathered all my belongings and began my walk out only to be stopped by spiders webs and early sunrise light. Here are a few photos of my last day in Gustavus,AK. I hope I can return soon.