Sunrise On Lake Michigan

I awoke eager with anticipation and anxiety for the day before me. Still tired from the nights sleep, I rubbed my eyes clear and looked out the window of my apartment on the 34th floor in Chicago. Beyond the tall buildings that surrounded my view, I saw a faint glow coming from Lake Michigan. I rolled over to my belly and pulled the blinds open to see what it was. I suddenly recognized the sunrise, I grabbed my camera and then headed for the top of my building, on the 60th floor. 

On the balcony, I pulled my jacket close, and fought the strong Chicago winds. I found a corner of the building and walked to the edge. The parapet wall helped block some of the cold wind, but the air was still below freezing. There I looked down and followed small bits of snow fall until they disappeared from sight to the city streets below. The cold December air shook me and I focused on the sunrise over the lake shore. Out there on the lake I saw a container ship and wondered about its voyage in the presently calm waters. I wondered if the crew were up yet enjoying the sun as I was. 

I took off my camera's lens cap and began to compose a shot. I thought to myself "I'd better make this good," since I was packing my bags and fling home to San Antonio later that day and I did not know when I would be back in Chicago. I settled on my horizon line, balancing the colors of the sky with the water and putting the ship towards the bottom of my frame. I took 3 photographs and then returned to my apartment for hot coffee and began packing my bags. 

sunset over lake michiganDecember 19, 2013.jpg