Faces of Nature Gallery

I started uploading images from a new project that I have been working on. The series has a working titled called "Faces of Nature" which is a search for human characteristics that are found in the natural environment.

This idea came about after I submitted my applications into MFA programs for photography. I submitted the series "A Walk in the Wild" which is a personal journey of where I am today in art and photography. In "A Walk in the Wild," I photograph natural in its whole entirety, allowing for scale and perspective to be the main points of focus. 

However, in "Faces of Nature" I look at the intimate details of nature and sometimes find human characteristics through tangled root systems. Seeing faces appear through these root systems, I often wonder about the history of my subject, a tree in this case, and I think about the biological makeup, the nutrients of the ground, the location the tree is in, and I also become curious and question the human characteristics of the tree. 

My current plan is to find different area and look for human characteristics to display a diverse and cohesive body of work. So far, I am working with trees near San Antonio, Tx and will plan a display as my work progresses. Please take a minute or two to check out the current works and be sure to check back as things progress!