Artist Statement:

While on a walk to the park that I visited as a child I began to take a closer look at the cypress trees that grew near the Woodlawn Lake. I was astonished when I laid down on my belly and examined the trees bark. My face was just inches from the trees bark when I began to see tormented faces growing in the bark staring back at me. I felt as if I were in a plane exploring a new land from up above.

Having walked through many wilderness places and never seeing a bark like this one, I began to wonder about this trees existence and how the tree bark had begun to form in this way. Was it because of the city that grew up around this tree? Or was the tree displaying an emotion from the 6 year drought that San Antonio is currently in? I remember reading material that about water crystals and how it reacted to negative or positive emotions and wondered if this tree is attached to water, could the water change the formation of the tree bark? Is it possible that an unseen energy could warp the landscape?

I continued to ask myself these questions as I found faces in concrete sidewalks, rocks, and even the West Texas desert. At times I saw a foreign landscape just below my feet that when looked through a lens resembled an aerial photograph of our world. This series is a work in progress as I continue to ask myself the question, why is this happening? Is what I see all there is to see and is there something deeper within nature that I have yet to find?


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